Family of George HILTON and Caroline Hilton KENNETT

Husband: George HILTON (c. 1821-1847)
Wife: Caroline Hilton KENNETT (1821-1846)
Children: Anna Maria Caroline HILTON (1843-1868)
Emily Jane HILTON (1845-1859)
Marriage 6 Sep 1841 Gillingham, Kent

Husband: George HILTON

Name: George HILTON
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1821 Faversham, Kent
Death 10 Dec 1847 (age 25-26) Folkestone, Kent
Cause: Poisoning

Wife: Caroline Hilton KENNETT

Name: Caroline Hilton KENNETT
Sex: Female
Father: Gilbert William KENNETT (1792-1854)
Mother: Ann JUDGE (1794-1840)
Birth 1821 Faversham, Kent
Christening 23 Jul 1821 (age 0) Faversham, Kent
Death 24 Jun 1846 (age 24-25) Hythe, Kent
Cause: T.B.

Child 1: Anna Maria Caroline HILTON

Name: Anna Maria Caroline HILTON
Sex: Female
Birth 19 Sep 1843 Elham, Kent
Christening 19 Sep 1843 (age 0) Hythe, Kent
Death 22 Jun 1868 (age 24) Deal, Kent
Cause: T.B.

Child 2: Emily Jane HILTON

Name: Emily Jane HILTON
Sex: Female
Birth 9 Jul 1845 Hythe, Kent
Christening 9 Jul 1845 (age 0) Hythe, Kent
Death 18 Sep 1859 (age 14) London
Cause: Brain Infection

Note on Husband: George HILTON

There was a coroner’s report which no longer exists, however the local Dover Telegraph newspaper carried the news. George Hilton took to drink after his wife died and finally killed himself with rat poison.