Family of George KENNETT and Elizabeth SADDLER

Husband: George KENNETT (1825-1885)
Wife: Elizabeth SADDLER (1838-1871)
Children: Grace KENNETT (1867-1882)
Gilbert William KENNETT (1868-1907)
Annie Maria KENNETT (1869-1880)
Walter James KENNETT (1870-1941)
Albert Edward KENNETT (1871-1939)
Marriage 3 Jan 1865 London (St.Pancras).

Husband: George KENNETT

Name: George KENNETT
Sex: Male
Father: Gilbert William KENNETT (1792-1854)
Mother: Ann JUDGE (1794-1840)
Birth 1825 Faversham, Kent
Christening 27 Feb 1825 (age 0)
Occupation Station Master
Death 7 Dec 1885 (age 59-60) Strood, Kent
Cause: Heart disease and paralysis of the lungs.

Wife: Elizabeth SADDLER

Name: Elizabeth SADDLER
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1838 Bristol
Death 20 May 1871 (age 32-33)
Cause: Haemorrhage following the birth of Albert.

Child 1: Grace KENNETT

Name: Grace KENNETT
Sex: Female
Birth 7 Jun 1867 Queenborough, Kent
Death 3 Jun 1882 (age 14) North Aylesford, Kent
Cause: TB, probably caught while looking after her sisters Caroline Peagram and Annie Maria.

Child 2: Gilbert William KENNETT

Name: Gilbert William KENNETT
Sex: Male
Spouse: Laura PAINE (1866- )
Birth 21 Sep 1868 Adisham, Kent
Occupation Railway Clerk
Death 18 Sep 1907 (age 38) Faversham, Kent
Cause: T.B.
Burial 29 Sep 1907 Faversham, Kent

Child 3: Annie Maria KENNETT

Name: Annie Maria KENNETT
Sex: Female
Birth 27 Nov 1869 Adisham, Kent
Death 27 May 1880 (age 10)
Cause: T.B.

Child 4: Walter James KENNETT

Name: Walter James KENNETT
Sex: Male
Spouse: Lucy Waters WILLIAMS (1872-1956)
Birth Q2 1870 Adisham, Kent
Occupation Army Ordinance Worker
Death 30 Jan 1941 (age 70) Caerphilly, Glamorgan

Child 5: Albert Edward KENNETT

Name: Albert Edward KENNETT
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Edith Maude GILES ( -1898)
Spouse 2: Beatrice WEARE ( - )
Birth 20 May 1871 Adisham, Kent
Death 2 Feb 1939 (age 67) Royal Navy

Note on Husband: George KENNETT

In 1871 he lived at Railway Station House, Adisham, Kent.

In 1848 George was the Superintendent.

In 1851 he and Caroline were living in Old Brentford, Ealing with two children and his two orphaned nieces, Annie and Emily Hilton.

Caroline and George moved to Co. Down and then to Passage West, County Cork, a town just outside Cork sometime after the summer of 1851, but were back in England living at 7 Edwin Place, Park Road, Peckham in 1858.

George was “lately a Traffic Manager on a Railway”.

At that time of his second marraige, he was a railway clerk living at 35 Weedington Road, Pancras.

In 1866 George was a Station Master in Queenborough, Sheppey.

The family moved to Adisham in 1867.

He left a Will leaving everything to Sarah Ann. His estate was worth £90.

Sarah, his widow remarried, and in 1891 and had become Mrs. Ashley. Her husband was a naval pensioner nearly twenty years older than herself. Their address was 27 Crofs Street, Strood. Her step-grandson, George aged 7 was a visitor in the house, there was also a boarder.