Family of Richard KENNETT and Jane Mary DUPEROY (DUPREE OR DUPREY)

Husband: Richard KENNETT (1819-1860)
Wife: Jane Mary DUPEROY (DUPREE OR DUPREY) ( -1861)
Marriage 24 May 1852 London (Hackney)

Husband: Richard KENNETT

Name: Richard KENNETT
Sex: Male
Father: Gilbert William KENNETT (1792-1854)
Mother: Ann JUDGE (1794-1840)
Birth 1819 Faversham, Kent
Christening 11 Jun 1819 (age 0) Faversham, Kent
Occupation Commercial Traveller
Death 29 Sep 1860 (age 40-41) Alton, Hampshire


Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Death 2 May 1861 London
Cause: Pneumonia

Note on Husband: Richard KENNETT

In 1851 he was lodging at 2 Charlotte Place, Bermondsey.

He was taken ill with a gastric complaint while away on business. He left a Will made in 1859 leaving everything to Jane Mary but if she had already died to any children they may have had who were living, failing that to the orphans of Caroline Hilton. Henry Thomas his brother was an executor. He left under £600. Richard’s home address at the time of his death was 1 New Street, Dockhead, Surrey.

Note on Wife: Jane Mary DUPEROY (DUPREE OR DUPREY)

In 1861 Jane was living with her uncle, Thomas Sinnott and his wife Mary at 11 Crutched Friars in the City of London.

Thomas Sinnott was a writer and collector aged 66. Mary worked as a Sextoness to St. Olave church in Hart Street. Jane was not working. Jane’s brother or cousin, James Thomas Duprey, aged 17, was also living in the house, he was working as a clerk for the railways. Jane and James were listed as niece and nephew.

Jane left a Will leaving everything to her family and not mentioning any children. She left under £300.