Family of Arthur Harry KENNETT and Emily BARNES

Husband: Arthur Harry KENNETT (1850- )
Wife: Emily BARNES ( - )
Children: George KENNETT (1875- )
Walter KENNETT (1878- )
Herbert KENNETT (1880- )
Marriage 10 Apr 1873 London (Marylebone)

Husband: Arthur Harry KENNETT

Name: Arthur Harry KENNETT
Sex: Male
Father: George KENNETT (1825-1885)
Mother: Caroline Emily PARKER (1825- )
Birth 1850 London (Ealing)
Occupation Bookbinder

Wife: Emily BARNES

Name: Emily BARNES
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: George KENNETT

Name: George KENNETT
Sex: Male
Spouse: Rose UNKNOWN ( - )
Birth 1875 Ontario, Canada

Child 2: Walter KENNETT

Name: Walter KENNETT
Sex: Male
Birth 1878 Ontario, Canada

Child 3: Herbert KENNETT

Name: Herbert KENNETT
Sex: Male
Birth 3 Dec 1880 Ontario, Canada

Note on Husband: Arthur Harry KENNETT

In 1861 he was with his brothers George and Charles in the Medway Workhouse in Gillingham. This workhouse had just been modernised and partly rebuilt. George, his father was presumably unable to cope with his large family after his wife died, but it seems strange to put some children in the workhouse and the oldest son in boarding school.

In 1871 he was boarding at 8 Carlton Terrace, Willesden.

Arthur and Emily went to live in the Canada fairly soon after their wedding. The couple had settled in St. David’s Ward, Toronto, York, Ontario on the 1881 Canadian census.

He became a naturised american in 1888, he continued to work as a bookbinder all his life.

The 1920 census of the U.S.A. has Arthur and Emily living in Buffalo City, New York state. Their son George and his wife Rose and two children were also living in the house.