Family of Thomas Mackie KENNETT and Christina BAXTER

Husband: Thomas Mackie KENNETT (1858-1898)
Wife: Christina BAXTER ( -1938)
Children: Christina KENNETT (1880- )
Ronald Alistair KENNETT (1882- )
Douglas George KENNETT (1885- )
Olive KENNETT (1893- )
Marriage 20 Sep 1879 Gillingham, Kent

Husband: Thomas Mackie KENNETT

Name: Thomas Mackie KENNETT
Sex: Male
Father: George KENNETT (1825-1885)
Mother: Caroline Emily PARKER (1825- )
Birth 13 Jun 1858 London (Camberwell)
Christening 19 Aug 1860 (age 2) Gillingham, Kent
Death 24 Feb 1898 (age 39)
Cause: Gun Shot Wound

Wife: Christina BAXTER

Name: Christina BAXTER
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Death 3 Feb 1938 London (Battersea)

Child 1: Christina KENNETT

Name: Christina KENNETT
Sex: Female
Spouse: John William ROBERTS ( - )
Birth 1880 Herne Hill, Kent

Child 2: Ronald Alistair KENNETT

Name: Ronald Alistair KENNETT
Sex: Male
Birth Q3 1882 London (Lambeth)

Child 3: Douglas George KENNETT

Name: Douglas George KENNETT
Sex: Male
Birth Q4 1885 London (Lenham)

Child 4: Olive KENNETT

Name: Olive KENNETT
Sex: Female
Birth 11 Sep 1893 Wrotham, Kent

Note on Husband: Thomas Mackie KENNETT

In 1861 he was a “nurse child” living with a couple called William and Emilia Stone in Twydall Lane, Gillingham. His mother had died in 1859 leaving 6 children to be cared for, and his father had been unable to cope with a baby young baby. Thomas was not taken away from his carers and in 1871 was living with Emilia in Gillingham Lane, Gillingham and listed as her stepson (this of course should have read foster son).

In 1881 Thomas and Christina were living at 205 Milkwood Rd., Lambeth, Surrey. He was a railway clerk and entered his birthplace as being in Ireland.

In 1891 Thomas, Christina, and the children were living in the Station House, Borough Green, Kent.

The cause of death stated that he died from a gun shot wound accidentally inflicted on himself in the office at Borough Green Station, Wrotham, on the London and Chatham Railway. There was a very brief newspaper report in the local paper however which said that he committed suicide.

Note on Wife: Christina BAXTER

In 1901 Christina was living at 25 Douglas Road, Maidstone and working as a charwoman to keep her family.