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Family of Henry Wilmot JENNINGS and Esther Kennett (PEAGRAM)

Husband: Henry Wilmot JENNINGS (1873- )
Wife: Esther Kennett (PEAGRAM) (1878- )
Marriage 1 Apr 1899 London (Marylebone)

Husband: Henry Wilmot JENNINGS

Name: Henry Wilmot JENNINGS
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1873 Wolverhampton
Occupation Postman

Wife: Esther Kennett (PEAGRAM)

Name: Esther Kennett (PEAGRAM)
Sex: Female
Father: Helier John PEAGRAM ( - )
Mother: Edith Agnes KENNETT (1856- )
Birth 16 Feb 1878 London (Marylebone)

Note on Wife: Esther Kennett (PEAGRAM)

Esther Kennett (Peagram) born on 16.2.1878 in Marylebone Workhouse while Edith was still single.