Family of George SPICER and Cecilia Emma KENNETT

Husband: George SPICER (1856- )
Wife: Cecilia Emma KENNETT (1863-1910)
Children: George Reginald SPICER (1889- )
Douglas Leslie SPICER (1894- )
Norman Kennett SPICER (1901-1989)
Marriage 22 Oct 1887 Deal, Kent

Husband: George SPICER

Name: George SPICER
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1856 Dover, Kent
Occupation Printer & Compositor / Journalist

Wife: Cecilia Emma KENNETT

Name: Cecilia Emma KENNETT
Sex: Female
Father: John KENNETT (1815-1891)
Mother: Emma Jane FRIEND (1826-1909)
Birth 5 May 1863 Deal, Kent
Death 30 Sep 1910 (age 47) London (Regent's Park)

Child 1: George Reginald SPICER

Name: George Reginald SPICER
Sex: Male
Birth 8 Apr 1889 Dover, Kent

Child 2: Douglas Leslie SPICER

Name: Douglas Leslie SPICER
Sex: Male
Birth 1894 Dover, Kent

Child 3: Norman Kennett SPICER

Name: Norman Kennett SPICER
Sex: Male
Birth 9 Jul 1901 Dover, Kent
Death Dec 1989 (age 88) Lincolnshire

Note on Wife: Cecilia Emma KENNETT

In 1871 she was living in 188 Lower Street, Deal, Kent with her father and mother, 2 brothers and 4 sisters. She was 9 years old and a Scholar.