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Frank Osborne MAXWELL (1867-1941)

Name: Frank Osborne MAXWELL
Sex: Male
Father: John Osborne MAXWELL ( -1868)
Mother: Charlotte A. KENNETT (1845-1877)

Individual Events and Attributes

Birth 2 Dec 1867 London (Bethnal Green)
Death 28 Aug 1941 (age 73) Herne Bay, Kent

Individual Note

Frank had a very quiet and squeaky voice after a bout of pneumonia when he was about 15. He ran a cycle business and also competed in cycle races, winning many prizes.

Frank became a Salvation Army Officer in 1903, and travelled extensively in India and also Africa. While in India he had a meeting with Mahatma Gandhi about a weaving loom which he had designed which worked 5 times faster than other looms. He also invented a machine which helped women and children who had to walk miles to produce warp. There is a Salvation Army 14 page booklet all about him called the ‘Voiceless Inventor’. His obituary from the War Cry and a photo are at the end of this section. He seems to have been quite an amazing man. He married later in life in 1924. His wife was Canadian, an ex school teacher from Newfoundland, who shared in his work and spoke for him at meetings.

During the second world war he and his wife were involved in the distribution of clothing to air-raid victims. He was knocked off a bicycle by a motorcyclist when returning from one of these expeditions and died a few hours later on 28.8.1941 with his wife at his bedside.